Our First Post

Hi, Krissy here.  On New Years Eve of 2016, my family and I were discussing our various resolutions we wanted to accomplish for the new year.  Weight loss, reading more often, among others, were thrown into the mix.  While all mentioned are honorable resolutions, I wanted to try something more fun and attainable this coming year.  That’s when I remembered the Pioneer Woman cookbook I had purchased for my mom as a Christmas present, as well as the Ina Garten cookbook my cousin had gifted (among the other various cookbooks that lay stagnant in our house).  I asked my mom if she’d be interested in making one new recipe a week.  We are always struggling to find good ideas for dinner, so by doing a new recipe a week we are not only challenging ourselves but also finding recipes that could potentially become staples in the household.  Me being a vegetarian, I am always up to try new recipes that could potentially be used to substitute what would be meat in a meal, and my mom is too (one of my older sisters is also a vegetarian 🙂 ).  I will be updating once a week pictures, recipes, tips, and reviews of all the recipes that my mom and I attempt this upcoming year.  Hope you enjoy, and happy cooking!



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